Podcast - Let’s talk sustainability

'Let’s talk sustainability' is the Mazars podcast series that explores the evolution of the sustainability landscape for business. In each episode we hear from experts on a variety of environmental, social and governance challenges, sharing best practice in developing strong sustainability strategies and identifying a range of valuable opportunities for businesses.

Join us as we decrypt future regulations affecting sustainability reporting and come away with tips for building solid sustainability strategies and identifying different opportunities for your business.


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#EP01: Transition towards CSRD

Explore our interview with Maud Gaudry, Global Co-Head of Sustainability for Mazars. Amid a flurry of regulatory activity since the 2015 Paris Agreement, Maud provides us with her analysis of the new EU-wide sustainability reporting standard, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, or CSRD. What do business leaders need to know about this important directive?

#EP02: European taxonomy: financing sustainable growth

Explore our interview with Maud Gaudry, Global Co-Head of Sustainability for Mazars. In June 2020, the European Union adopted the “Taxonomy”. Maud unpacks this piece of legislation, it’s role in the fight against climate change, and what it means for businesses.

#EP03: Challenges and benefits of SFDR

Discover our interview with Matthieu Ribes, Mazars Partner for Financial Services. In March 2021, certain provisions of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) came into force. Matthieu explains the key concepts of regulatory initiative, its main challenges, and how you as a businesses can prepare to meet the timeline for SFDR transparency requirements.

#EP04: A practical guide for boards and leadership teams on sustainability

In this episode, we present our practical guide for boards and leadership teams on sustainability, created in partnership with ecoDa to aid businesses on their sustainability journeys. Alexia Perversi, Director of Sustainability Services, Mazars UK and Gareth Jones, Partner, Global Head of Privately Owned Business, Mazars help break down the ins and outs of the guide and discuss the global demand for businesses to evolve and embrace lasting value creation that benefits all.

#EP05: Decryption of the Sixth IPCC climate report: no time left for half measures

Explore our interview with Louis-Henri Devant, Sustainability Development Manager, who leads on Mazars’ sustainable transformation services for businesses. The recently published second part of the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expresses major concerns for the global climate situation, and challenges us on global warming, and the direct consequences on our lifestyles, populations and ecosystems. Louis-Henri highlights the key messages of this report, which urges businesses to take action.

#EP06: Demystifying ESG in the public and social sector

Listen to Sander Booman, Partner, Global Head of Public and Social Sector, Mazars and Peter Cudlip, Partner, Head of Public and Social Sector, Mazars UK as they discuss the key outcomes of our recent report: Demystifying ESG in the public and social sector. Explore our practical guide, aimed at helping senior leaders in the public and social sector navigate their sustainability journey.

#EP07 - The evolution of corporate sustainability reporting in Europe: CSRD update

CSRD update reveals ambitious new rules on sustainability reporting in the EU.
Following up on our first episode, which broke down the earlier stages of the CSRD, Maud Gaudry, Project manager for EFRAG, shares the latest update on corporate sustainability reporting in Europe. This episode takes a closer look at the evolution of the ESG regulations adopted by the EU and what they mean for business. Tune in to learn more about these changes and the timetable for implementation.

#EP08 - Sustainability reporting in Asia

Join Emmanuel Thierry, Partner at Mazars and discover our latest publication – Sustainability reporting in Asia -in partnership with the Tokyo Institute of Technology. On this podcast, Emmanuel is joined by author and guest speaker Dr Kim Schumacher, as they discuss the key findings of the research, and the influence of European sustainability standards on Asian regulations.