DAC6 Health Check

Anticipate DAC6 audits and remediate before it is too late.

The DAC6 is up and running.  Given its complexities, many actors have been struggling with its implementation, while non-compliance can lead to (significant) penalties.  The time is right for a Health Check, in order to identify and remediate potential areas of non-compliance, and rest assured that your organisation is fully compliant with the DAC 6 requirements.

Our Mazars experts can help you conduct a Health Check, of which the scope can be limited, extensive, or anything in between; but always tailored to your internal organisation and business activities. 

In Luxembourg, our country expert, Alain Verbeken, is ready to help you. Find out more on DAC 6 Heath Checks, and our country experts within the Mazars network:


DAC 6 Health Check
DAC 6 Health Check