IT Assurance

Confidence for your technological environment.

Organisations are facing increasingly complex regulatory requirements and an ever-changing technological environment. To prosper, they must rely on the controlled operation of IT to comply, operate securely and minimise IT risks.

In this rapidly changing environment, the confidence of customers, the public and investors, as well as regulatory compliance, are essential.

How we can help

  • Providing assurance on the technology environment used for financial reporting and related internal controls over financial reporting;
  • Improving confidence in technology-dependent internal controls as the business grows;
  • Evaluating and minimising technology risks in your current technology environment and in the context of new business initiatives such as the implementation of new technologies or the launch of products and/or services;
  • Providing information on major technology challenges and upcoming trends. 

To find out more or discuss your IT audit requirements, please contact us.

Our services

  • IT Internal audits
  • IT audit planning
  • SWIFT/ISO27001
  • Data and security protection toolkit assurance