Launch of our 2018 Global Study on AI in the Hospitality Industry

Mazars’ hospitality community, together with international experts, are pleased to launch our Global Study on AI in the Hospitality Industry. New technologies around Artificial Intelligence are set to dramatically change how the hospitality industry operates in the future, notably revolutionising the guest experience and optimising business operations.

However, hotel companies need to be aware of the stark difference in appetite and preferences, especially when comparing Chinese travelers to the Western world. Differences are also observed regarding the types of AI applications preferred and, finally, the willingness to share data in order to experience such services. 


Depending on the origin of travelers, there exist strong disparities in terms of AI experiences and expectations during a hotel stay. For example, AI is much more anchored in the habits of Chinese travelers than Western travelers. Additionally, personal data is a crucial element of AI and machine learning. The hotel industry should be ready to reassure its clients on the security of their data so they are comfortable sharing it and, ultimately, to provide the best possible AI experience.”

- Cédric Haaser, Partner, Group Innovation and Technology Leader at Mazars.

Our research is both primary and secondary, including a survey undertaken by YouGov comparing trends on the AI experiences and expectations of travellers in 5 countries: US, China, France, Germany, and UK.

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Our survey suggests that there are stark national contrasts on travelers’ experiences and expectations relating to the usage of AI. It also delves into how comfortable and willing travelers are to share data, a crucial element of AI and machine learning.  Additionally, experts from various backgrounds, from industries such as hotels, travel, and luxury, share their points of view on how AI is disrupting their space.

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Our report shows that technology-led innovation levels are incredibly high at present and with the full limits of the use of big data yet to be explored, it suggests the hospitality industry is only at the starting point of this journey. From smart hotel rooms to chatbots, the hotel industry has great scope for the development of innovations based on artificial intelligence.

Read on to discover our study on AI in the Hospitality Industry and explore the various trends! 


Mazars - 2018 AI in Hospitality Study